With Every Breath: A Lung Cancer Guidebook – Book Pages


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Introductory Pages, Table of Contents, Dedication, Preface, Prologue,
Introduction and Table of Contents (12 pages, 286KB)

Chapter 1: Lungs and Respiratory System  (9 pages, 3.2MB)

Chapter 2: Understanding Cancer (7 pages, 1.85MB)

Chapter 3: Lung Cancer Overview (16 pages, 979KB)

Chapter 4: Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Staging (25 pages, 1.56MB)

Chapter 5: Lung Cancer Treatment Overview (26 pages, 937KB)

Chapter 6: Treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer (14 pages, 557KB)

Chapter 7: Treatment for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (28 pages, 1.32MB)

Chapter 8: Clinical Trials (15 pages, 170KB)

Chapter 9: Living With Lung Cancer (23 pages, 225KB)

Chapter 10: Supportive Care (50 pages, 660KB)

Chapter 11: Complementary Healing (44 pages, 650KB)

Chapter 12: Nutrition and Lung Cancer (29 pages, 285KB)

Chapter 13: Managing Your Health Care (40 pages, 356KB)

Chapter 14: Health Insurance, Work and Financial Matters (34 pages, 291KB)

Chapter 15: Planning for the Future (23 pages, 243KB)

Chemotherapy Side Effect Profiles  (12 pages, 216KB)

Resource Directory (51 pages, 438KB)

Glossary (20 pages, 179KB)

Literature Citations (18 pages, 255KB)